The Peracto Story, experience and innovation since 1976

Knowledge through experience

Peracto, founded in 1976 and headquartered in Devonport, provides a range of independent research, development and related technical services to agribusiness clients across Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

Peracto’s specialty services include new product development for agricultural inputs, field residue trials, plant pathology research, laboratory diagnostics, crop variety trials, product registration trials and cooperative research work.

It is the leading employer & developer of agricultural science graduates via their 12-month Graduate Development Program. PERACTO experts come from varying backgrounds including the agricultural chemical industry, government research organisations and a range of private industries.

In 2016 PERACTO joined with Staphyt, a growing global leader in agronomic research & regulatory advice, operating in 19 countries in Europe with more than 70 sites and in Africa (Morocco).

With direct locations in both hemispheres, Staphyt Global is able to propose off-season offers enabling an acceleration of customer’s development.

Peracto history

01 July 2016

Peracto joins Staphyt Global Group

01 July 2008

Peracto established in NZ

01 February 2007

First Graduate Development Program Intake

01 July 2004

Peracto created from Serve-Ag’s Research Division

01 April 2003

Operations expanded to all 6 Australian states

01 November 1998

First Serve-Ag Research location outside Tasmania (Queensland)

01 November 1976

Serve-Ag established in Tasmania

Key contacts

Jarrod Harvey

Jarrod Harvey

Country manager
Phil Frost

Phil Frost

Technical Director

Phil has over 20 years experience in the evaluation and development of crop production inputs including herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, PGR’s and nutrients. He works closely with a broad range of clients and local industries to develop product knowledge and practical solutions to agronomic issues with the aim of improving the efficiency and sustainability of crop production.

Orville Hildebrand

Orville Hildebrand

Regional Manager, South Australia

Orville has worked in different sectors of agribusiness in South Australia for the pst 28 years, with a strong emphasis on technical support, research, product development, and marketing services to horticultural, broadacre and pasture clients.

Paul Munro

Paul Munro

External consultant

Paul has managed Peracto New Zealand, from his facility in Pukekohe since 2008.

With over 20 years experience in field research with major chemical companies in New Zealand, he successfully developed and managed his own research company Alpha Research Ltd (now Peracto NZ).

Paul adds further depth to the Peracto residue team with his understanding of, and his ability to access, the diverse range of crops and agricultural industries in New Zealand.

Olivier Marchioro

Olivier Marchioro

Staphyt General Manager

Olivier Marchioro has a DESS (Master’s Degree) in plant protection and breeding and joined Staphyt in 2005 and has been Staphyt General Manager since 2009.

Bruno Maurer

Bruno Maurer

Business Unit Manager

Bruno joined Staphyt in 2009 in Poland as Staphyt merged with AGROSTAT. He was either Country Manager and Key Account Manager. He arrives in Tasmania as Business Unit Manager for both Australia and New Zealand in mid 2018, based in Devonport head office.

Melissa Webster

Melissa Webster

Quality Manager

Melissa is based in Devonport and manages Peracto Quality functions.
Melissa has been with Peracto since early 2010 and came to us with more than 15 years of experience working with Quality Management Systems, within a variety of industries.
She provides the direction for our GLP compliance procedures and ensures our quality standards are of world class.  Her systems and quality background provide essential support to many aspects of the company including leadership in the important WH&S area.

Andrew Woodcock

Andrew Woodcock

Business Manager

Andrew manages the business, administrative and IT roles at Peracto, including development and monitoring of the annual budget process, forecasting, performance tracking, and contract negotiation.

Andrew has been with Peracto since 2005 and comes from a business management background in a variety of industries including hospitality and mining.